The Peaceful Speech That Led To The Re-Arrest On July 12, 2015

Ebrahim Sharif was re-arrested in the early hours of Sunday July 12, 2015 –less that 48 hours after he gave  a peaceful speech at the Annual Commemoration of the Martyr Hussam Al­Haddad in Muharraq, Bahrain. He is currently being detained for 15 days as the government works on a case against him, with the current charges being incitement to overthrow the regime by force and illegal means.

To read his July 10, 2015 speech in English, click here.

To read his July 10, 2015 speech in Arabic, click here.

To watch the July 10, 2015 speech on youtube, click here.

To read the US State Department’s Concerns Over Actions Taken Against Opposition Leaders in Bahrain, click here.

To read the Human Rights Watch article written after his most recent arrest, click here.

To Read Amnesty International’s article, click here.

To read the National Democratic Action Society’s (WAAD) press release on Ebrahim Sharif’s re-arrest, click here.

To read the European Parliament’s Joint Motion for a Resolution, released on July 8, 2015, click here.

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