4 Years Later

Ebrahim Sharif has served almost 4 out of his 5 year sentence and is currently in the process of fighting for early release as per Bahraini law.

According to Bahraini law, prisoners may be released after serving three quarters of their sentence. This means Ebrahim Sharif should have been released on December 3rd, however, he is still incarcerated and is working with his lawyer for early release. All other political prisoners have also been denied early release.

Sharif insisted on taking this matter to court, as the laws are being ignored and seem to be partially implemented depending on who’s needs are going to be met. On March 4th, 2015, the government postponed his court hearing to the 26th of April, however, Sharif made it a point to explain to the judge that his request for his certificate of behavior was ignored many times and through various modes.

We know by now what to expect from such kangaroo courts, however, we are comforted by the fact that he will be free soon. Whether it is in a few months, or by March 2016, we are waiting for him with arms wide open and more respect than ever.

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