Bahrain Made Personal: One Woman’s Story of her Missing Father

Peace X Peace: Bahrain Made Personal: One Woman’s Story of her Missing Father, April 25, 2011:

22-year-old Aseel Ibrahim Sharif is the daughter of Ibrahim Sharif, the Secretary General of Bahrain’s secular opposition party and one of the hundreds of activists detained under the Bahraini government’s recent crackdown.

An activist in her own right, Aseel participated Bahrain’s initial mid-February protests in Manama’s Pearl Roundabout. She describes herself as “one of the hundreds of women who voiced their opinion,” as she explained “nobody is silent in this movement.” Aseel’s activism was taken to a new level when her father was arrested over one month ago.

In her own words, Aseel describes the experience of her family, as one of many who suffer through the regime’s crackdown.

Read the entire interview.


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