Dear Baba,

Today is day 41. It’s been tough having to wait like this because i know you are innocent. I hope one day this is all just a distant memory. I know you wouldn’t want us to emotionally suffer like this so i keep reminding myself that i shouldn’t allow my life to come to a complete stop. I have tried to keep myself busy but i’m hoping that you will be released in no time. I know one day you’ll be able to read this so i thought i would just update you through this website. I don’t know how long it will take, but i have faith that one day we can hover in front of a laptop reading this page together. When all this is over, we’re definitely going to South Africa! Something about the air there changed my life and i know it will be good for you too. I know you’ll want to stay in Bahrain but maybe just a week in Cape town.. Deal? Ok Great!  Trying to stay positive.. some think it’s naive, i call it faith.

Love always,

Yara Ebrahim Al Sayed


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