Statement from Govt of Bahrain

This was the only statement released by the Bahraini government following the arrest of Ebrahim Sharif and the other opposition leaders who were detained on March 17. The statement was released through the state-owned Bahrain News Agency.

Bahrain News Agency: “And those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned.” March 17, 2011:

Manama, March 17 (BNA) — The General Command of the Bahrain Defence Force announces that, under the powers vested in it to implement the provisions of Decree 18/2011 on the declaration of the State of National Safety, several leaders of the sedition ring who had called for the downfall of the regime and had intelligence contacts with foreign countries were arrested on 17 March 2011.
The leaders had also incited during the recent incidents for the killing of citizens and the destruction of public and private property, resulting in the undermining of the social peace, the loss of innocent lives and the terrorizing of citizens and residents.

The General Command of the Bahrain Defence Force will take all necessary legal measures against the leaders in accordance with the decree declaring the State of National Safety and the laws in the force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Peace and God’s mercy and blessing be upon you


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